Megalodon Shark Tooth - 5.17 Inches

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Length 5.17 inches, 131.2mm

Date listed 29th August 2023

Location Bodjong Formation, West Java, Indonesia 

Age Pliocene 4.1 Million years

This stunning Megalodon tooth is of great quality and features razor sharp serrations, and  glossy enamel with tan coloration. An important feature to note on this specific tooth is the quality of the bourlette and root, which normally suffer damage due to marine mollusks attaching themselves during the fossilization process, this tooth has had no repairs or restoration. 

Megalodon, meaning "big tooth," was a prehistoric shark that ruled the oceans millions of years ago. This massive creature is believed to have lived during the Cenozoic era, and its presence in the ancient seas has fascinated researchers and captivated the imaginations of many. Megalodon was estimated to grow up to 60 feet in length, making it one of the largest known predators to have ever existed. With its serrated teeth, powerful jaws, and an insatiable appetite for marine mammals, it is thought to have been an apex predator. Although Megalodon is now extinct, its existence continues to inspire awe and curiosity about the wonders of our planet's past.