Richardoestesia Gilmorei Tooth - 0.36 Inch

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Length 0.36 inches 9.2mm

Date Obtained  February 2021

Location Judith River formation, Hill county, Montana, USA

Age 79 million years, Campanian, Cretaceous

This Richardoestesia tooth is rather robust for the species, and has well-preserved serrations and decent enamel despite missing the tip. It would make a good addition to a starter or study collection. 

All our fossils are consolidated with paraloid b72, to preserve for future generations as is standard procedure within all museums. No repairs or restoration to this fossil.

Richardoestesia is a genus of presumed dromaeosaur known only from teeth in the Late Cretaceous beds of North America, from the Campanian to the Maastrichtian. The long, thin shape of these teeth has lead to some speculation that the animal ate fish, but it is impossible to be certain and it remains a highly mysterious dinosaur.

The Judith River Formation of Montana dates to the Campanian stage of the Late Cretaceous, around 75-80 million years ago. Notable dinosaurs from this formation include the tyrannosaurs Gorgosaurus and Daspletosaurus, the hadrosaur Brachylophosaurus, and the ankylosaur Zuul.