Megalosauridae tooth - 1.44 Inch

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Length 1.44 inches 36.5mm

Date Obtained  February 2021

Location Irhazer II Formation, Agadez, Niger

Age 167 million years, Bathonian, Jurassic

This Megalosauridae tooth is essentially a complete crown and has well-preserved distal serrations. It would make a great addition to any dinosaur collection.

All our fossils are consolidated with paraloid b72, to preserve for future generations as is standard procedure within all museums. No repairs or restoration to this fossil.

The megalosaurids of the Irhazer Shale are poorly known, but if the Tiouraren Formation is any indication, they would likely be closely related to, if not in the same genus as, Afrovenator. Afrovenator was a medium-sized predator reaching lengths of up to 8 meters long.

The Irhazer Shale of Niger is of Middle Jurassic age, much like the better-known Tiouraren Formation in the same country. It is rather poorly-known but is notable as the location of the sauropod Spinophorosaurus.