• How do you date your fossils

 Using the technique of relative dating 

  • Are they real

 Yes we don't sell replica's or casts here at the fossil emporium, all our fossils can be traced back to either the miners or the collectors who have found them. It was and still is my personal mission to make sure everyone has the opportunity to obtain genuine fossils, regardless if its a small crocodile tooth or a theropod claw.

  • Are they scientifically important


  • Do you find the fossils yourself


  • What payment types do you accept

 We accept all forms of credit and debit cards along with PayPal, sadly we cannot accept cash payment or Western union.


  • There is an fossil I want to buy but can't afford it this week

 If you drop us an e-mail at sales@thefossilemporium.com and discuss what it is you would like to purchase and what date you can pay on (up to 7 days) we can hold an item for you. Abuse of this service will render it unavailable in the future.


  • Who do you ship with?

We ship with the national British shipping company Royal Mail, for larger fossils over 2kg we ship with Parcel Force.

  • 2. Where do you ship to

 Its easier to list where we do not ship to.

Afghanistan, Libya, North korea, Somalia, South Africa, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

  • 3. How do you secure fossils for shipping

 All of our fossils are secured with at least two layers of protection, the first one being the display box it comes in and the second being buble wrap around the package and then in the parcel box. For large items or more fragile pieces foam is custom cut and depending on the size wrapped and placed in cardboard box or wooden crate .