Abelisauridae tooth - 0.79 Inches

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Length 0.79 inches 20mm

Date obtained 2nd November 2020

Location Kem Kem beds, Morocco.

Age Cretaceous 96-99 Million years

This is a good sized Abelisauridae tooth with good enamel and a beautiful dark orange colour, sharp serrations distal but worn on the mesial, an overall nice tooth with no restoration but a small repair to the tip. 

Currently there are three genus of Abelisauridae's known from the kem kem beds of Morocco, two small and one large, as a very limited amount of skull elements have been uncovered it is currently not possible to identify to a specific name, and although commonly "Rugops Primus" is offered for sale by other sellers this species is only known from the echkar formation of Niger.

This fossil has been consolidated with Paraloid B-72, which is a standard between personal collectors and museums, this is to preserve the fossil for generations to come and prevent pyrite disease, and also comes with a nice display box and identification label ready to be displayed