Carcharodontosaurid pathology tooth - 1.31 inch

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Length 1.31 inches 33.3mm

Date listed 17th February 2023

Location Kem Kem beds, Morocco

Age Cretaceous 96-99 Million years

This is a great, 33.3 mm, Carcharodontosaurid tooth from Kem Kem beds in Eastern Morocco. Despite being on the smaller side, it’s still a really chunky tooth, meaning it’s probably an anterior tooth. Great serrations visible on the carinae, and even a bit pathological. A great tooth worthy of any collection. 

Possibly the largest predator in the kem kem beds, with its huge serrated teeth this carnivore was most certainly hunting other dinosaurs including Spinosaurus. Originally discovered in 1914 and described later in 1931 by Ernst Stromer, its name meaning jagged (carchar) teeth (odon) with modern estimates placing this dinosaur around 42 foot long and 7.8 metric tons, competing in size with the South American cousin Giganotosaurus.

This fossil has been consolidated with Paraloid B-72, which is a standard between personal collectors and museums, this is to preserve the fossil for generations to come and prevent pyrite disease, and also comes with a nice display box and identification label ready to be displayed