Coprolite - 4.19 x 1.28 Inches

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Length 4.19 (106.4mm) x 1.28 (31mm) Inches

Date found 22nd August 2019

Location Aoufous Formation, Kem Kem beds, Morocco.

Acquired from the Kem Kem beds of Morocco. Coprolites are trace fossils of fecal (poo) remains of the once living creatures, upon fossilization these remains are usually replaced with calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and silicates.

Normally such remains are uncommon, normally being found mostly in marine deposits due to their fragile nature, however given the conditions of the sediment that was formed in the kem kem beds these quickly became buried under fast moving river delta's thus in turn allowing them to be nicely preserved and fossilized.

This along with all our other pieces has been consolidated with Paraloid B-72 to ensure this piece remains in prime condition for years to come.