Hadrosaur Tooth - 0.26 Inch

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Length 0.26 inches 6.5mm

Date Obtained  February 2021

Location Judith River formation, Hill county, Montana, USA

Age 79 million years, Campanian, Cretaceous

This hadrosaur spitter tooth was clearly well-used by the dinosaur it came from and would make a great addition to a budget, beginner or kid's collection. They are a great, cheap way to own a tooth from a herbivorous dinosaur. 

All our fossils are consolidated with paraloid b72, to preserve for future generations as is standard procedure within all museums. No repairs or restoration to this fossil.

The Judith River Formation of Montana is believed to have two types of hadrosaur, Probrachylophosaurus and Brachylophosaurus, and to preserve an evolutionary transition with the former slowly evolving into the latter. Both dinosaurs were related to the famous Maiasaura and reached a length of 9 meters. Brachylophosaurus in particular is famous for having well-preserved specimens known, including evidence of individuals with cancerous tumors.

The Judith River Formation of Montana dates to the Campanian stage of the Late Cretaceous, around 75-80 million years ago. Notable dinosaurs from this formation include the tyrannosaurs Gorgosaurus and Daspletosaurus, the hadrosaur Brachylophosaurus, and the ankylosaur Zuul.