Majungasaurus Tooth - 0.97 Inch

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Length 0.97 inches 24.6mm

Date Obtained  June 2022

Location Maevarano formation, Berivotra, Madagascar

Age 66 million years, Maastrichtian, Cretaceous

This beautiful Majungasaurus crenatissimus tooth would be a nice addition to any collection. At 2.46 cm (0.97 inch) this tooth is on the bigger side, and as icing on top it has amazing quality. There is some very minor damage to the very tip of this tooth, but that’s common for teeth from this location. This is the ideal chance to add a tooth of this very rare dinosaur to your collection.

Majungasaurus was an Abelisauridae, related to Rugops from Niger and Carnotaurus from the La Colonia formation of Argentina. Known from the Madagascan Maevarano formation, it lived along famous and iconic animals like Beelzebufo, Masiakasaurus and Rapetosaurus.

The Maevarano formation, located in the north-west Madagascar, is a late Cretaceous (most likely Maastrichtian) formation where a diverse ecosystem has been preserved. Among the fossils found here are frogs, turtles, early birds, fishes, a wide variety of dinosaurs and much more. The most famous animals known from this location are Mahajangasuchus, a very large crocodylimorph, the modest sized titanosaur Rapetosaurus and Majungasaurus, the most likely apex predator in this ecosystem.