Large Oviraptor Egg (M.Yaotunensis) - 19.5cm

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Length 7.67 Inches - 19.5 cm 

Date Obtained 29th March 2019

Location Nanxiong Formation, China 

Age Late Cretaceous - 71 - 66 Million years ago

 An exceptionally large and well prepped Oviraptor egg sometimes referred to as being from Citipati or Tarbosaurus, however it is currently unknown what species it belongs to due to the lack of embryo preserved inside. It can be definitely stated it belonged to a large body Theropod.

This fossil egg has been personally prepped by myself and I can assure has no restoration, or composition, there is visible hatching where the shell is missing.

This fossil along with all of our fossils, has been consolidated with Paraloid B-72, which is a standard between personal collectors and museums.