Suchomimus Tooth - 1.06 Inch

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Length 1.06 inch - 26.9mm

Date obtained 2nd October 2020

Location Elhraz formation, Niger

Age 112 Million years

A fantastic Suchomimus tooth, tiny feeding wear pattern on the tip but otherwise flawless, and a light colored tooth which is highly sought after, very fine serrations still present on the distal side, no repairs or restoration on this tooth.

This is a great piece for collectors, fossils from this locality rarely appear on the market now. Suchomimus was unlike Spinosauridae in that it was a part of the Baryonychinae family, very similar yet morphologically different.

There is no repairs to this tooth as can be seen from the photographs and has a very good preservation. This fossil along with all of our fossils, has been consolidated with Paraloid B-72, which is a standard between personal collectors and museums.