Suchomimus Tooth - 1.52 Inch

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Length 1.52 inch - 38.6mm

Date obtained 2nd October 2019

Location Elhraz formation, Niger

Age 112 Million years

This is a great piece for collectors, fossils from this locality rarely appear on the market now. Suchomimus was unlike Spinosauridae in that it was a part of the Baryonychinae family, very similar yet morphologically different.

This tooth still has visible serrations and very good enamel for the locality, sadly the tip is broken but is still a very good tooth and size.

There is no repairs to this tooth as can be seen from the photographs has an very good preservation which for this size is uncommon. This fossil along with all of our fossils, has been consolidated with Paraloid B-72, which is a standard between personal collectors and museums.