Theropod tooth - Morph type 6 - 1.46 inch

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Length 1.46 inches 37.2mm

Date obtained  2nd November 2020

Location Kem Kem beds, Morocco

Age Cretaceous 96-99 Million years

A good sized tooth, crisp and clear serrations both mesial and distal and a rich red colour. There is no flaws with this tooth and is practically perfect, something rarely seen, no repair or restorations on this fossil.

It is currently unknown what dinosaur this tooth belonged to, possibly Deltadromeus as no skull material was found with the holotype it is very difficult to say for certain however. Denticles 3 per mm both mesial and distal.

This fossil has been consolidated with Paraloid B-72, which is a standard between personal collectors and museums, this is to preserve the fossil for generations to come and prevent pyrite disease, and also comes with a nice display box and identification label ready to be displayed.